A Guide to Booking Washington State Wedding Venues

Questions to ask when Booking your Washington state wedding venue    

One of the most significant expenses of a wedding is the venue! In Washington state, the average wedding costs just over 10,000. When spending a large portion of your wedding budget, it’s essential to know what you are getting vs. what you want to have at your wedding. 

The cost   

Most couples chose the venue based on cost. At the same time, it’s an important factor in your decision, but it’s not the only one. It’s not always cheaper to find the most inexpensive venue. A more expensive venue might have wedding décor included in the rental. There is also transportation to consider and food costs. Depending on the venue, they might require you to use their catering services to spend more than if you had gone for a more expensive venue but could hire outside vendors. Do the math and make sure that you stay within your budget.


Make sure that the venue is in a good location. That means close to your guests and while it probably can’t accommodate everyone, making sure it’s easily accessible to the majority is a big help to them and you. The further away the venue is from most guests, the longer it will take to get RSVPs back. Remember, if they have to travel, they have to take the time to book a hotel and other accommodations.

Scope out the venue. Taking a real tour of the venue is highly recommended. It allows you to get a good sense of the space and how you could decorate it. When you visit, note where the outlets are, this is helpful for outside vendors such as DJs or Big letter light rentals in Washington. If you have a DJ, make sure to clarify if the sound equipment comes with the venue or if it’s a different cost. Also, clarify with the DJ what he will need. Some DJs have their own speakers to bring, but it’s good to know if you’ll need the venue’s sound system.


Does your venue offer catering? Do they allow outside catering if you don’t like the options? Do you have a food choice already in mind? Is catering included? If catering is included, how do they handle food allergies? No one wants one of their guests to be taken away in an ambulance. Think about what you want for food choices or what style you want (sit down or buffet), and make sure it’s in your price range. Remember, some venues only allow you to use their catering services, which can add cost to their venue.


Outside wedding vendors and Decor

For a lot of venues, especially historical sites, having outside vendors is tricky. It’s not usual for the venue to not allow any outside vendors for anything. You want to make sure that you know this before signing the contract. If you want something like a flower wall rental in Washington, you’ll want to make sure you can have them. A lot of venues have some wedding décor, but it’s very basic. Having a wedding décor company come in and help you maximize your space and your wedding theme makes the spending on the venue worth it. Flower wall rentals in Washington are popular as wedding decor. If you plan to get a flower wall rental in Washington because of its popularity, try to book as far in advance as you can. Using our Washington flower wall rentals ensures you have a good backdrop for not only your photos but for your guests as well.


Wedding dates in Washington state 

To save some money, see if you can host your wedding in the off-peak season since Washington is known for its rain. Most Washington weddings typically happen at indoor venues. Make use of the off-peak season, which is the end of fall, winter, and the beginning of spring for Washington state. A lot of venues will offer discounts if you book at this time.

Make sure that your date isn’t too close to any holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Some of your guests might already have plans for the time surrounding those dates.  

Check to see how many weddings the venue does a year. See how many they do in a weekend. If they do a lot, you might end up in a rush for your wedding, and having extra time to set up and clean up is much more valuable than you think.  Some venues will store your décor for the night and let you pick it up the next day (if you chose to buy your wedding décor over renting). Knowing this is important so that you don’t end up cleaning up right after the wedding, especially if you have a wedding that goes long into the night.     

There is a ton to think about and remember when choosing your dream wedding venue. We suggest making a list of things you need at your wedding venue like DJ space, wedding décor, etc. and then writing down what the wedding venue needs to meet these accommodations. Make sure you get prices on each added service. This way, it’s easy to compare venues. 


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