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We offer a wide range of flower wall rentals (using premium materials), photo booth rentals (offering great packages), marquee letters rental (table options available) and all kind of decors rentals including balloon decor and event decor rentals.

Are you looking for event rentals in Corpus Christi?

Planning a decent event can take time, but Events 365 can help. We have everything you need for party rentals in Corpus Christi! We think you’ll find a lot of beauty in our photo booths, balloon decor, marquee letters, and flower wall backdrops. They can even be customized to fit any theme!

About our Corpus Christi Flower Wall Backdrops

Our Flower wall backdrops in Corpus Christi are perfect for anything you could imagine hosting! Our flowers in Corpus Christi come with enough diversity to ensure your night is unique. Our sizes come in the standard 8×8 feet wall, or can be customized up to 24 feet with a green boxwood flower wall backdrop in Corpus Christi. Call us for more info on our flowers!

About Our Corpus Christi Photo Booth Rental

Parties can be hard to set up. Events 365 can make it all that simpler, because we have photo booths in Corpus Christi for capturing the occasion. Perfect for helping you keep important memories close. An absolutely stunning walk-in open concept photo booth with props, and a very customizable background. Perfect for a good time. Email or even call us to learn more about our photo booths!

About Our Corpus Christi Marquee Letters Rental

Marquee letters in Corpus Christi are perfect for whatever you want to host, and perfect for any wedding! Give your night some kind of special word to carry meaning to your guests. Marquee letters in Corpus Christi help you to celebrate all your bests. Finding the right word can be difficult, but that’s what we’re here to help with!

About Our Corpus Christi Balloon Decor

All of our balloon garlands in Corpus Christi let you select four colours. The garlands have a few different sizes, including full balloon arches, half balloon arches, and balloon centrepieces. Making sure you can choose the perfect night. Call us for more info on our amazing balloon decor!

About Our Corpus Christi Event Decor

We also offer a wide selection of event decor to compliment all types of events. Our wedding decor and party decor services weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and corporate events.

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