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We offer a wide range of flower wall rentals (using premium materials), photo booth rentals (offering great packages), marquee letters rental (table options available) and all kind of decors rentals including balloon decor and event decor rentals.

What is the Best Rental Service in San Diego?

Events 365 is a rental service in San Diego which can provide you with getting the best quality rental equipment for any event. We offer all the necessities including flower wall backdrops, balloon decor, marquee letters and photo booths, which all have the option to be personalized to best suit your event. Let us help you create the perfect birthday party, baby or bridal shower, wedding party, or corporate event by giving us a call or emailing us to discuss everything you need and want!

About Our San Diego Flower Wall Backdrops

Flower wall backdrops in San Diego can be personalized with a variety of flower combinations from plumeria to hydrangeas to roses! All of our flowers are made using premium silk or paper to create an identical look to real flowers in San Diego. Your flower wall can be the standard 8×8 feet size, or go with a green boxwood flower wall and have up to 24 feet of floral decor! Let us know if you have any more questions on our flower wall options, or give us a call and we can help you find what you need!

About Our San Diego Photo Booth Rentals

Photo booths in San Diego are fun for all ages and can be enjoyed by every guest! We now have a single option for you to choose from, being the classic walk-in open concept photo booth. This option is lots of fun and even comes with silly and quirky props to pose with, creating fun and unforgettable moments caught on camera. Our backdrops can also be customizable to best suit the theme of your event. Let us join you on this incredible day to capture those incredible moments!

About Our San Diego Marquee Letter Rentals

Light up your celebration with our marquee letters in San Diego! Marquee letters can be carefully chosen words or numbers which help emphasize your reason for celebration. Baby showers can say ‘BOY’ or ‘GIRL’ or even ‘TWINS’, while at a wedding party you might want ‘MR & MRS’ lit up for everyone to admire. Our marquee letters and marquee numbers in San Diego are made from top quality material and look elegant for any occasion. For help on finding the perfect word or numbers for your celebration, give us a call!

About Our San Diego Balloon Decor

You can make any event or party more gleeful by adding some balloon decor! Events 365 offers a variation of balloon decor in San Diego, including balloon arches, half arches and balloon centrepieces. Any balloon garland can be created using up to four different colours to match your events theme or style. If you need help deciding on the perfect colour palette for your event, contact us and we would be glad to offer you our opinions!

About Our San Diego Event Decor

Events 365 presents services that also include a unique selection of decorative entrances individualized to any event. However, you are more than welcome to use pre-existing occasions’ décor in your own events.

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