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We offer a wide range of flower wall rentals (using premium materials), photo booth rentals (offering great packages), marquee letters rental (table options available) and all kind of decors rentals including balloon decor and event decor rentals.

Are you looking for event rentals in Boca Raton?

Planning events in Boca Raton is a lot of fun and quite easy when you pair up with Events 365 to get all your rental equipment in Boca Raton! Everything we offer would greatly improve the excitement of your party, such as our flower wall backdrops, marquee letters, photo booths, and balloon decor. Everything can be personalized to perfectly match the theme of your birthday party, bridal or baby shower, wedding party, or corporate event. If you have any questions on the products we offer or need help finding what you need, we would gladly accept your call and help you get whatever you need!

About Our Boca Raton Flower Wall Backdrops

Flower wall backdrops can come in many different variations of flowers and arrangements to suit any event! Our flowers in Boca Raton can come as hydrangeas, plumeria, roses, or nearly any flower you could imagine, all being crafted with premium materials to give off a realistic look. Our sizes come in the standard 8×8 feet wall, or customized up to 24 feet with a green boxwood flower wall backdrop in Boca Raton. You can call or email us if you wish to hear more about our flower selections or arrangements!

About Our Boca Raton Photo Booth Rentals

Getting pictures taken with all your loved ones is always fun at any occasion! We now have photo booths in Boca Raton that can allow you to get those memories captured. Our first, and only option is the classic walk-in open concept photo booth, accompanied with props and a customizable background. Perfect for any pictures you might need taken. Call us and we explain the two options in more detail for you if you have any questions!

About Our Boca Raton Marquee Letter Rentals

Marquee letters in Boca Raton are a decoration that adds a beautiful element to your event! By expressing a specially chosen word you can remind all your guests why you are celebrating, such as ‘LOVE’. You can also have marquee numbers in Boca Raton to celebrate milestone ages such as ‘40’ or ‘50’. It can be difficult finding the right word for your event, so if you need help feel free to give us a call and we would gladly help!

About Our Boca Raton Balloon Decor

All of our balloon garlands in Boca Raton are personally customized to suit your event by being made of up to four different colours of your choice. The garlands also come in different sizes, including full balloon arches, half balloon arches, and balloon centrepieces, so there is something for any event. For more information on our balloon garlands, or if you are seeking advice on the best four colours to choose, call or email us!

About Our Boca Raton Event Decor

We also offer a wide selection of event decor to compliment all types of events. Our wedding decor and party decor services weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and corporate events.

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