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We offer a wide range of flower wall rentals (using premium materials), photo booth rentals (offering great packages), marquee letters rental (table options available) and all kind of decors rentals including balloon decor and event decor rentals.

Are you looking for event rentals in Dayton?

Planning the party of the century in Dayton is quite the feat, but Events 365 can help you to get all the rental equipment in Dayton you might need! We offer unique, and beautiful decor, such as our photo booths, flower wall backdrops, balloon decor, and marquee letters. Everything can be customized to match any of your events, or gatherings down to the smallest part of your aesthetic. If you have any questions at all on the products we offer you or need help, we would gladly accept any call and help with anything you need!

About our Dayton Flower Wall Backdrops

Our Flower wall backdrops come with many different variations, and even more possible colours! Our flowers in Dayton have almost every type of flower we thought of. These flowers were crafted with premium materials to give your moments a beautifully memorable look to them. Our sizes come in the standard 8×8 feet wall, or they can even be customized up to 24 feet with a unique green boxwood flower wall backdrop in Dayton. You can call or email us for more info on any of our products!

About Our Dayton Photo Booth Rental

Getting pictures taken with everyone you know at a party can be hard! Luckily we do offer photo booths in Dayton that will help remove excess hassle. The impressive walk-in open concept photo booth, and it even comes with props and a customizable background to fit any theme. This photo booth is perfect for taking your high quality photos that can go right to the scrap book. No more just barely fitting everyone into a low quality shot! We will gladly explain anything, and everything we have in great detail if you give us a call!

About Our Dayton Marquee Letters Rental
Marquee letters in Dayton are perfect decor that adds a unique aspect to your parties, and gatherings! Choose a special word, and link your night to it forever! Like ‘LOVE’ or even an age. You can also have marquee numbers in Dayton to celebrate your long virility filled life. It can be difficult finding a unique word for any event or gathering, but if you need help give us a call, and we can gladly assist!

About Our Dayton Balloon Decor

All of our balloon garlands in Dayton are perfect for any of your parties or other special moments, because we let you choose your four colour scheme. The garlands come in a few different sizes, including full balloon arches, half balloon arches, and balloon centrepieces, giving you decor for almost any kind of event. For more info on our beautiful balloon garlands, or if you are seeking advice on the best colours, you can always call or email us!

About Our Dayton Event Decor

We also offer a wide selection of event decor to compliment all types of events. Our wedding decor and party decor services weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and corporate events.

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