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We offer a wide range of flower wall rentals (using premium materials), photo booth rentals (offering great packages), marquee letters rental (table options available) and all kind of decors rentals including balloon decor and event decor rentals.

Award-Winning Event Decor Rental Company in Scottsdale

If you’re looking for a way to add some eye-catching excitement to your event then you’re in the right place! Events 365 is a premier event decor rental company based in Toronto and serving the entire GTA. We strive to offer the best event decor in Toronto coupled with our unparalleled customer service. Check out our award-winning services below!

Scottsdale Flower Walls and Arches

If you’re looking to add an extra dash of charm and elegance to your wedding, ceremony, or event, then our flower walls and arches are perfect. Regarding our flower walls, we offer six 8×8 feet of unique styles that can be used in a multitude of ways. They can be used as an excellent backdrop for photos, a beautiful complement to a seating area, and more! Our most popular flower wall for wedding flower decor in Toronto is our White Flower Wall. It features white hydrangea flowers and roses with a mix of light champagne and slightly yellow tones that simply exudes romance and elegance. We also have our most popular rental, our Green Boxwood Flower Wall. With a distinct earthy undertone, this wall is perfect for any event looking to add a little life. It features greenery spread throughout the wall with blush and white roses decorating the top. What makes this specific wall so popular is the ability to order customizable gold cardstock lettering to say whatever you please. Our full line of flower walls are:

Scottsdale White Flower wall

Scottsdale Green Boxwood Flower wall

Scottsdale Pink/Blush Flower wall

Scottsdale Red Flower wall

Scottsdale Purple Flower wall

Scottsdale Mixed Flower wall

We also offer four distinct flower arches that are sorted into two styles, draped and drapes. Our arches were designed with versatility in mind. We wanted them to be bold enough to be a focal point but subtle enough to be a background piece. They are a great addition to any entryway and are perfect for photos!
Our draped arches are our more popular rental for formal events including weddings and ceremonies. They are:

– The Victorian Archway:

This arch has a traditional romantic look that feels like it was taken out of a disney film. It features thick white drapes with white, blush, champagne and yellow flowers on greenery.

Meadow Archway:

This arch features a beachy aesthetic that will make you think you’re on a tropical island. It includes a sheer white drape with colours such as pink, white, champagne, yellow, and violet with greenery.

Our drapeless arches are popular for both casual and formal events. They aren’t as flashy as our draped arches meaning you can use them more so as a background piece if you please. Our styles are:

The Champagne Archway:

Our most rented drapeless arch comes with an elegant colour scheme that beautifully complements every theme. It boasts champagne flowers and mixed greenery.

The Blush Archway:

Our more colourful and vibrant drapeless arch features a combination of white and blush flowers on mixed greenery.

Scottsdale Marquee Letters

Our marquee letters in Toronto allow clients to display sincere and meaningful words, dates, and phrases in a charming and tasteful way. We offer two styles of letters, those with lights, and those without. Our marquee letters with lights are approximately 48” tall and are a great for those looking to add some mood lighting to their venue. Watch in awe as our letters light up your dance floor while displaying popular words such as “together” and “for eternity”. We also have our marquee letters without letters that measure in at around 30”. These are ideal for birthdays, graduations, and other personalized events as our letters can easily turn into a decorative table! Ask us about our free tabletop!

Scottsdale Photo Booths

Photo booths are an easy and effective way to add some fun to your event. Our affordable, open-concept photo booth is designed to allow more of your guests to get in on the fun. Here are a few reasons why you need a photo booth at your next event:

1) Party Favours: Would you rather give your guests a gift that is forgettable or cherishable? At Events 365, your photo booth rental in Toronto comes with unlimited 4×6 prints so your guests can take home every photo they take. Talk about a memorable gift.

2) Memories: Events can be chaotic, especially weddings. Having a photographer is great, but expecting them to take photos of all of your guests is unrealistic. Having a photo booth means each of your guests is going to get a high-quality photo with a variety of people. Let your stressed out photographer focus on the important things and let us take care of the rest.

3) Environment: Events can be intimidating, especially for those who don’t know anybody. Having a photo booth creates a casual environment for your guests to meet, mingle, and network!

Scottsdale Balloon Decor

We provide a great selection of high-quality balloons that were designed to keep their shape for the entirety of your event. We offer 24 vibrant colours and allow clients to choose any number to ensure their balloon arch fits with their colour scheme. We have three sizes of arches:

– Small Arch: 50 balloons
– Medium Arch: 80 balloons
– Large Arch: 150 balloons

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