A Top-Rated Boca Raton Photo Booth Rental Company

We are a top-rated photo booth rental company in Boca Raton

 If you are looking for a photo booth rental company, look no further! We are a top-rated Photo booth rental company in Boca Raton. So what makes us the best photo booth rental company for your event? There are a million reasons, so here are our top ones!

The props!

Half the fun of a photo booth is the props!   We have a wide range of props that come with your photo booth rental. We have props to fit every occasion. Also, our props can even have a theme! if you are having a themed party. From oversized sunglasses to silly hats and hulk hands, we have it all.


Unlimited prints and photos

While some companies say they have unlimited photos, it doesn’t mean unlimited prints. There can be a hidden fee for extra prints, which can make the transaction awkward. We don’t want you to have a bad experience, so we are upfront. All photos and prints are unlimited. Take as many as you want! Print as many copies as you wish. Is there a group photo? We can print it, so everyone gets a copy.


A second set of photos!

As the host, you get a digital copy of all the photos taken during the event.  Getting to see Photo-booth-rental-boca-ratonthe party from your guest’s perspective through the magic of a photo booth rental. It’s always good to have photos of your friends and family having fun.

All-inclusive photo booth rental in Boca Raton

We are an all-inclusive photo booth rental. That means one price for everything, which means no hidden costs or surprise fees. The price you are quoted is what you pay. Everything is included, from props to pictures and even a photo booth rental attendant!


The cleanup of your Boca Raton Photo booth rental 

We have an onsite attendant who sets up the photo booth, takes your photos and then cleans up the photo booth. All you have to do is show us where you want it set up. Absolutely no work on your part. We handle all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to!


Are you ready to book your top-rated  Photo booth rental?  





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