Boca Raton Flower Wall Rental or DIY?

 DIY or Rental? Which is better for a Boca Raton Flower wall


Should you DIY a Flower wall in Boca Raton? We all see those Martha Stewart DIY videos and think we can do it, But is that realistic? Let’s be honest. The DIY can be better and a lot more custom, but is it worth it? A lot of people do DIY because they think it’s cheaper but let’s take a closer look.      

The material cost of a Boca Raton Flower wall

There are several material costs that need to be considered. Are you using fresh flowers? If you are going to use fresh flowers how are you going to keep them fresh? Are you going to do it the morning of the event? Lets assume you want to use Imitation flowers. It takes around 45 flowers per square foot.  And then, depending on the type of flowers, it can cost anywhere from 2-10$ per flower.  We haven’t even gotten to the backing that the flowers need to be secured on.


Maybe you get a good deal on materials.

What about the time it takes to assemble the wall. Many people feel that their time spent assembling it doesn’t count as a cost but it’s costing you your time. It’s fairly tedious work and you should think about the opportunity cost. What could you be doing instead rather than making this flower wall?


Where are you going to keep and store a Boca Raton Flower wall?

Assuming your flower wall comes apart into smaller panels. Its still needs to be stored somewhere. And transporting it to your venue. A Boca Raton flower wall rental will arrive through the company and be set up by the company so you won’t have to worry about any of it. If you DIY it, your hall to arrange for transportation and set up.


Of course, the biggest benefit is the customization of a flower wall. You can have it look exactly as your dream.  Our flower wall rentals come in serval different colors to compliment your event. We can even have some custom lettering on your flower wall rentals.  


These are just some of the surprise costs of what it will take to DIY a flower wall in Boca Raton. There’s always a possibility some miracle covers these costs, but it’s good to plan for them. If you want a beautiful flower wall at your event, a rental is by far the most cost-effective way. 


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