Cincinnati is the best city for a wedding in Ohio

Cincinnati is the best place to have a wedding in Ohio

Impressively. Cincinnati ranks 18th in the national list of best places to get married. The list is out of 180 major cities across all the states, and the list was made using 27 factors. The state of Ohio had three cities that made a list; however, Cincinnati ranked the highest. This means that Cincinnati is the best place in Ohio to have your dream wedding.

So what makes Cincinnati a great place to get married?

Cost is one of the most substantial advantages. The national average for a wedding is around 35,000 for a wedding. Cincinnati’s standard for a wedding is roughly 25,000. The price is currently below the national average and is only of the many draws to getting married in Cincinnati The average cost per guest is much lower and around $46 per person than Cleveland, which is approximately $59 per person. Saving money is a large factor for most weddings.

Same-sex weddings

As of 2015, The state of Ohio recognizes LGBTQ weddings. An excellent step for the community. While it is legal in Ohio, it doesn’t mean that every city opens this community with open arms. However, Cincinnati is one of the 10 LGBT cities. The city is full of LGBT wedding planners and other wedding industry professionals who work with the community to create their dream weddings. There are several churches and other locations.

Wedding venues

There are a ton of beautiful wedding venues in Cincinnati that are cost-effective.  The range of indoor and outdoor wedding venues is extensive. While the summer months are considered peak season, there are more and more weddings being hosted in the fall in more recent years. However, the real reason to get married in Cincinnati is because of the city’s beautiful architecture.

The weather in Cincinnati for weddings

If you plan for your wedding in the peak season of summer, you should have good weather for your wedding. If you want to save some money and have it in the offseason, prepare just for bad weather. Having a Cincinnati flower wall rental helps take the most beautiful wedding photos. Guests love flower walls because they love taking photos of themselves all dressed up. by renting a flower wall in Cincinnati you ensure that you will have a good backdrop for your wedding photos regardless of the weather. Flower wall rentals in Cincinnati are a lot more affordable than you think and the return in value once you see your wedding photos are amazing. Save money by having a Flower wall rental in Cincinnati for your wedding photos Cincinnati-flower-wall-rental-for-wedding.

Cincinnati’s surplus of wedding vendors

One of the reasons that the cost is so low to host a wedding in Cincinnati is the number of wedding professionals. There are a ton of wedding professionals, which means there is one for you.  There are many niche wedding companies working hard to making sure you can have your dream wedding. At Events 365, we are a top-rated special event service company in Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Everything you need from flower wall rentals and big letter lights in Cincinnati to balloon décor.   Cincinnati has to offer its hard to say no to hosting your wedding here with all the professionals. Cincinnati’s wedding resources are one of the best reasons to get hitched here.

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