East Coast weddings vs West Coast Weddings

Don’t know the differences between east coast and west coast decor? 

We all know that there are significant taste differences between the east coast and the west coast. But what are the significant differences, and why would you prefer one over the other? We all know that Hollywood is full of glamour with its red carpet, but the New York fashion week brings a different sense of style. Find out if you are more of an East cost weddings bride or a West coast weddings kind of woman. 

East Coast-style weddings 

The east coast and west coast are very different styles. On the east coast, typically, tend to have fancier decor. So what is traditional decor?  Traditional wedding decor can be almost anything in a neutral color. They prefer muted tones and the white dress that stands out among the browns and blacks. 

Typical east coast wedding ceremonies take place in churches and chapels. Covered areas that have been traditionally used for weddings. Indoor weddings and receptions are the norms on the east coast. While the east coast uses flowers, they are a lot harder to get and a lot harder to get some of the more vibrant flowers that aren’t in season.   

Pattern textures on the east coast are more classic, like stripes and floral prints. They keep it chic looking and very straightforward. They have a classic look and might have one large statement piece. A famous New York wedding decor statement piece is big letter lights with your name on them. Marquee letter lights give an excellent broadway feel.


West coast-style weddings

West coast is a lot more relaxed and willing to challenge wedding traditions. You will be more likely to find wedding dresses in bold colors on the west coast rather than white. 

The West coast typically has better weather for weddings. You are much more likely to have an outdoor wedding on the west coast because you have better weather conditions. Which also means more flower growth and more flowers added to the wedding. 

They both still do have a lot of the same decor, just styled differently. For instance, flower wall rentals are popular, regardless of where you are in America. However, the east coast cities like New York flower wall rentals are in classic and neutral colors like white.  On the other hand, in Los Angeles, flower wall rentals prefer colors like purple and pink on the west coast.  

While there are some similarities in East and West coast wedding decor and traditions, the East Coast prefers sticking to tradition while the west coast puts a creative spin on the traditional wedding decor, pushing the boundaries creatively. To clarify, this isn’t a hard and fast rule of wedding decor; it’s just what is typically preferred on either side of the county. That doesn’t mean that if you were on the East coast, you wouldn’t be able to have a West coast feeling wedding. 


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