Events to use Marquee letters in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Marquee letters are a huge hit at every event. But what events do the marquee work best at?  Here are our Favorite events to see Marquee lettering!

Proposals with Marquee letters in Fort Lauderdale

Proposals are a big deal. Say it with big letters to accentuate the event. Proposals are some of the most exciting times and using marquee letters to make sure that the photos are Instagram-worthy. They also make cute invitation photos as well! There is nothing more romantic than an evening out for a walk when you come upon a light-up sign “will you marry me” for your big moment.  



Weddings are a perfect place to celebrate with marquee letters. Have an exciting new last name? use the Fort Lauderdale Marquee letters to highlight it! There are a ton of different ways people use Marquee letters at weddings. Big Mr. & Mrs. signs, name, and wedding hashtag spelt out, so guests know what hashtag to use! So cute and people love taking photos with them!


Corporate events using Fort Lauderdale Marquee Letters

Using Marquee letters at a corporate event is a great way to boost your marketing while also decorating. Think of the letters as functional décor. Not only will they highlight your brand or product, using them to show your company hashtag will allow you to track the Return on investment of the event through social media. Also, every social media marketer knows the power of customer-made media, it’s easy to share little to no work, and your fan/customer love seeing their stuff featured on your pages. It’s a win for everyone.

Baby showers

Baby showers are perfect for marquee letters. Using the big block letters as a table for your refreshments is a great way to have functional décor. It works in small spaces, too, as you’ll still need a table, so you might as well have one that fits the theme and decorations. 

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