First birthday party decor in Miami 

Turning one is a big deal! Celebrate your baby’s first Miami birthday in style with some awesome party decorations. The first birthday is always exciting! So what should you include when decorating for such a momentous occasion? We have a few suggestions.

Marquee letters for a first birthday party in Miami!

Take advantage and use marquee lettering to celebrate your baby’s first year. Spelling out the number one is the perfect way to help decorate. Having the marquee letters in your photos will also help you organize your photos! Looking back at photos, you’ll know exactly when each picture was taken.


Balloons for Your baby’s first birthday in Miami!

The easiest way to decorate balloons. However, make sure to get professional balloons. There’s a line between classy balloons and cheap. When you get professional balloons, they are consistent in size and shape—making the whole look a lot better. When you hire a professional for your balloons, you don’t have to blow them all up yourself. It’s exhausting to blow up a good number of balloons without a pump.

Flower wall rentals  in Miami


Taking cute photos to remember your baby’s first birthday is important. Use a Miami flower wall rental as a backdrop for not just pretty photos of your baby but for your guest as well. Your guests will love to use a flower wall to take lovely photos. Customize your flower wall with a hashtag so that you can go through and see more photos taken by your guests when your guests post on social media.  

Other Kids part décor

If you aren’t feeling the flower walls, check out some of our more kid-friendly backdrops that are a guaranteed hit for a 1-year-old.  Princess castles to avengers and paw patrol are some of our biggest crowd-pleasers. Of course, cute animal statues are also fun for the kids to interact with and much safer than the real thing.

Are you ready to book party rental décor for your first birthday in Miami?

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