Flower Walls and Ideas for a Fort Lauderdale Wedding

How can you add more florals to your wedding! 

Wedding season is around the corner! How will you decorate? We’re here to tell you about the latest wedding trend in Fort Lauderdale, Flower walls.  There are tons of flower walls out there. Here are some of our best ones!

The green boxwood flower wall rental in Fort Lauderdale

Our green boxwood hedge can reach up to 24feet wide and up to 8 feet tall. The greenery it provides suites for any event. We guarantee the freshness of fresh-looking greenery. And we can do that because it’s imitation foliage. This ensures that even in the Fort Lauderdale heat, your backdrop will look fresh. The green is a natural colour, so it actually suits all themes and compliments any colour.

The red rose wall  

One of our most popular Fort Lauderdale flower wall rentals. Our red rose flower wall is made entirely of imitation red roses stay fresh! Don’t worry though, it won’t look fake and cheap. We subtly put in some greenery behind the roses to ensure that the roses look lifelike.\


The pink flower walls in Fort Lauderdale

Pink is the primary colour of this wall, but to make it a softer, more blush pink, we’ve tied in some white and medium pink tones. It’s perfect for all celebrations! It compliments most weddings. The pink is beautiful and it’s with the colors. The differences in colors give it a lot of texture in the background and it’s no wonder it’s one our most popular rentals.

Are you ready to rent of our beautiful flower walls in fort Lauderdale to compliment your wedding? Want to see more flower walls? They also make great backdrops for photo booth rentals which are another popular wedding trend. we recommend booking your flower wall rentals as soon as you can to ensure availability.



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