Gender Reveal party décor in Fort Lauderdale


Fort Lauderdale gender reveal parties are going big or go home! This is the perfect time to share with your family a beautiful moment when you find out the gender of your baby! It’s exciting and a good way to involve your closest friends and family in your pregnancy.


So how can you throw the most amazing party in Fort Lauderdale?

Decorating can be exhausting and probably something you do not want to do.  Working hard while pregnant is very stressful. Using event rental companies in Fort Lauderdale is the perfect way to ensure that you get the party of your dreams while not having to work too hard.


Marquee lettering for your Fort Lauderdale gender reveals party.  

The latest trend in Fort Lauderdale Gender reveals parties is Marquee lettering. Using a Marquee letter, you create a customizable statement décor. It’s so customizable that it will never feel stale and makes every event unique. They have been used so creatively with our light-up versions to add mood lighting for evening parties. They are even sturdy enough to be used as a table to serve light refreshments.

The best part of Fort Lauderdale Marquee lettering is that they are set up for you. Like most event rentals you don’t have to lift a finger. We come in and set up whenever you want us to and leave you to enjoy your décor. Then when the party is over we come in and clean up. You don’t have to worry about moving or setting things up.


Balloons at a Fort Lauderdale Gender reveal party


Nothing screams celebrate like balloons! It has been a tradition to have balloons at almost every event. With our Balloons, we can use any color you like even the traditional pink and blues. One of our best sellers is our Fort Lauderdale Balloon arches and Balloon Garlands. Using as many colors as you like we can make so many color combinations to make your Balloon arch unique and special to your event.


Fort Lauderdale Balloon Décor is the best for gender reveal parties as balloons are easy to clean up. There’s really no heavy lifting in the clean-up. You can even keep the balloons after the party. So are you ready for Balloon décor at your Fort Lauderdale Gender reveal party?

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