Imitation vs. Real Flowers at Your Fort Lauderdale Wedding

Looking for Flowers at your Fort Lauderdale wedding? Imitation-flower-wall-rental-Fort-Lauderdale Flowers have traditionally been a large part of weddings in Fort Lauderdale. They are beautiful and add color to the event, and are just overall very aesthetically pleasing. Easy to see why this tradition has continued for decades. So when picking flowers, have you considered imitation flowers

The freshness

While the Real flower is far fresher than imitation flowers, it does not last. The freshness of the flower only lasts a few hours, depending on the conditions. Indoor with AC will last longer than outside in the hot sun but promising those conditions is virtually impossible.

Flower walls: Imitation or real flowers in Fort Lauderdale

Natural flowers would be so lovely, but for a Fort Lauderdale, flower walls are just impractical. Because of the short shelf life. Think about it, Attaching all the flowers needed to make a good flower wall takes a while, and keeping that many flowers hydrated, so they don’t start wilting would be almost impossible. Imitation flowers are perfect for Fort Lauderdale flower walls. They won’t wilt and stay crisp and photo-ready all day. Most professionals use imitation flowers for their Fort Lauderdale flower walls.  Fort-Lauderdale-Flower-wall-rental-red-Imitation-flowers

Out of season flowers

Ask any florist; flowers can be very demanding about conditions when growing. Many flowers for most shops need to be shipped in because they just don’t grow in those areas. This makes the cost of real flowers that are out of season extremely expensive.  So not only is it probably most cost-effective to get imitation flowers, but it also opens up the variety of flowers that are now accessible to you.  With this in mind, think about the idea of mixed blush Flower wall rentals in Fort Lauderdale; one of our most highly requested flower wall rentals. 

Imitation-flower-wall-rentals-in-fort-lauderdale Imitation flowers also keep forever. Yes, you press and dry out real flowers, but sooner or later, they deteriorate. Imitation flowers mean that you get a beautiful takeaway from your wedding for virtually the same price.

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