Marquee Letters are The Latest Trend in Boca Raton?

Several trends will probably stand the test of time in the future. The latest Boca Raton trend is marquee letters. How do we know they are going to last? As an event rental company, we can help with that. 


Personalizing Boca Raton Marquee letters

To make something timeless is its uniqueness. When it comes to letter light, their uniqueness is limitless. While there are some classics such as the MR. & Mrs. Signs. It’s easy to put a spin on it due to being able to personalize it. Adding names or initials makes it just a little bit more unique while still being on-trend. Using your names or brand/product, you can add just that extra layer of special uniqueness to any event.

Hashtags using the letter lights to promote your hashtag is a perfect way to make sure that it’s a functional piece of décor. Function décor is important because it’s a stylish way to deliver information.

How accessible are Boca Raton Marquee letters?


Our Marquee letter lights are priced to be as affordable as possible. We also take care of all the maintenance, which means that we deliver and set up the lights. You do not do any work except direct us where you want them set up, and we work on your vision.  Best yet, we also clean up! So, you do not have to lift a finger. No one wants to clean up after an event. Everyone is tired, and depending on the event, I could run late into the evening. Let us handle the hard work while you just get to enjoy the benefits.

How can you make sure the trend won’t become tacky?

Decorative lights have never been tacky. They are in classic neutral colors so that they won’t clash with the colors of your event. Adding extra lights will help illuminate the event and highlight certain areas. It will not become tacky since it’s easy to personalize, and no two sets up will be the same.

Are you ready to book some Boca Raton Marquee letters for your next event?

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