Outdoor Marquee Letters in Boca Raton

The latest trend in Boca Raton outdoor party decor is Marquee letters! See how they can bring a party to life and help you decorate your next event! Outdoor parties are the biggest trend this summer. Especially after the pandemic, people are itching to get out and see each other, so make sure that your party will be one to remember!         

Light up Marquee letters at your outdoor party in Boca Raton? 


For a nighttime soiree, try using out Boca Raton light-up letter lights! Not only does the lighting allow you to set some mood lighting, they are not a drain on electricity. They add some extra lighting to an event which can make any space POP at night. 

However, we do remind you they will need an outlet. So keep that in mind when planning where you would like them set up. Extension cords are also important if you plan to have them in a place where there is a plug.  

Big block letters at an Outdoor event in Boca Raton?

Personalize any event with big block letters! We can create a word you phrase you want at your event! Our Boca Raton marquee letters are strong enough that we can even turn them into a table for light refreshments.  The benefit of them these block letters is that they don’t need to be plugged in, Unlike our Light up Marquee letter lights. They add to the party without drawing too much attention and really make the whole event a personal affair. 

So are you ready to book your Marquee letters for your next Boca Raton outdoor event? Our outdoor marquee rentals are some of the best in Boca Raton, and you won’t be disappointed. Just tell us where you want us to set up, and we handle it all for you. 

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