Planning a Miami Bachelorette party

Are you looking to host your Bachelorette party in Miami?  It’s the perfect place to host your last night of freedom! But how can you decorate for such an occasion? If you are flying in or you’re a local, party rentals are for you.

Flower wall rentals in Miami for a Bachelorette party

All for the gram! Make sure to get some instagrammable adorable photos for your last night out! A Miami Flower wall is perfect for such an occasion. Flower walls give you and your squad the VIP influencer vibe that you deserve. A flower rental is greats because you don’t have to put in the work to make it or set it up.  Flower walls are a massive hit at bachelorette parties. See for yourself how a flower wall will upgrade your Bachelorette party.  

Miami Marquee letters

Celebrate your new last name with light-up letters! Or anything else you want to write, Heart shapes for the love you share or your Bachelorette party hashtag (how cool is that?) in big bright letters. They are perfect for taking photos with and sharing across all your socials. Marquee letters make every event into something glamorous.   


Photo booth rental for a Bachelorette party in Miami

Miami Bachelorette party

Getting a Miami photo booth rental for your bachelorette party is a must-have. Take adorable photos with your squad to remember the night. The photos make for great keepsakes, and your girls will love them. Taking pictures with each is a great way to remember the night. With our Unlimited photos, everyone will get a copy, and we have digital photo sharing so you can have them sent right to your phone. Post them right away to any social and have a wild night.  

Mami bachelorette party décor rentals are perfect because you don’t have to worry about set up or clean up. Have as much fun as you want, and we will take care of making sure everything is picked up and set up on time—no stress on your part, only the enjoyment. Are you ready to book your Mami bachelorette party rentals?   

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