Popular Wedding Trends in Pennsylvania

Wedding trends in Pennsylvania

So you are getting married in Pennsylvania? Here are some wedding décor ideas that are trending in the major cities. Nervous about wedding trends making your wedding look dated? We promise these wedding trends will last the ages.

Trending in Philadelphia  

We all saw Meghan Markle’s 16-foot wedding veil, and it was impressive. Not only was it massive, but it also represents all of the commonwealth countries, and it was beautiful. It’s no wonder that Philadelphia took a page from her book, and now big cathedral veils are all the style. And why shouldn’t they be? They compliment large ballgowns and add a dramatic effect to slim and minimalist gowns.

Animals in your wedding? With more and more fur babies in attendance at weddings, it’s not a far jump to having a more animal themed wedding.  These days you can count on seeing a family pet at the wedding party. Some guests take it a step further and have animals on their invites and have décor of their pets and other animals. Lately, it’s very trendy to have animal statue rentals at your wedding. They are fun to take photos with for your guests and create a fun theme.            

Wedding trends in Pittsburgh

Outdoor weddings and receptions. In the summer months, the weather is quite warm. The temperature makes the outdoor receptions some of the best, as you can dance outside under the stars late into the night. Hosting your wedding outdoors gives you a lot more opportunity when picking venue locations.

Backyard weddings are all the rage right now in Pittsburgh. It’s no surprise that through Covid, these are popular right now. Backyard weddings were popular before the pandemic in Pittsburgh. This is because Pittsburgh couples value the backdrops and décor of their weddings. So they spend more of the ever so popular backdrop rentals. Pittsburgh flower wall rentals are some of the most popular rentals. Other types of popular backdrops are balloon walls and wedding arches. Save money on the venue by hosting at home and having several wedding backdrop rentals for photos.   Flower wall rentals in Pittsburgh are a classic wedding decor staple.  using our Pittsburgh flower wall rentals ensures that no matter the weather you will have beautiful photos. 



Wedding trends in Allentown

The creative wedding cakes are taking the cake in Allentown. Alternatives to expensive and classic wedding cakes are becoming more popular. Having wedding cupcakes or pies and other desserts is less expensive and offers more variety for those who don’t love wedding cake. Here are some favorite dessert ideas.

  •       Wedding cake with a twist (having gluten-free or vegan wedding cake)
  •       Cake pops
  •       Wedding pie
  •       Candy tables (be stylish and only have candy in your wedding color)
  •       The Chocolate fountain (get fancy and have a few with different chocolates)  

Many different desserts make for a good substitution .  which is a good opportunity to save some money (can you believe an average wedding cake is 500$?). Or you can also spread the way you spend your money out so that there is more option than just one cake: either way, it’s an opportunity to flex those creative muscles.     


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