Propose with Marquee Letters in Miami

If you are looking to propose in Miami, use Marquee letters 


Congratulations! You’ve found the one, and now you’re going to ask them to spend the rest of their lives with you. So how are you going to ask them to marry you? It’s a big event and deserves the attention required to make this into a magnificent event. We suggest a proposal with Marquee letter in Miami.


So what else do you need to propose in Miami?

We have some suggestions to help make the event extra special

  •       Flower petals for when you get down on one knee
  •       Balloon décor (how cute would it be if there was a balloon drop when they say yes)
  •       The Ring! While you don’t need to have, THE ring makes sure you have a good placeholder. They will want to call and tell their friends, and they will want to see a ring.
  •  A photographer, having a photographer to capture the moment they say yes makes for fantastic wedding invites   
  •       Marquee letters rentals in Miami – Helps you ask the question in a big light-up way and look amazing in photos.


The Venue

There are tons of outdoor venues in Miami that are great places to propose however make sure you have a good backup plan. Having a place indoors can be just as magical with the right Marquee lettering and décor. Coming back to balloon décor in their favorite colors. For photos, we suggest a Miami Flower wall rental just to make sure that you get the photo you are looking for.        

Create a beautiful proposal story in Miami with our Marquee letter light and wow your soon-to-be Fiancé. Our Miami Marquee letters can spell out whatever you are looking for and we even have heart-shaped ones just for you. Are you ready to propose? Contact us to help you plan the Perfect Miami proposal.



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