Review of Los Altos Museum Wedding Venue

Our review of Los Altos Museum  

  While there aren’t many “wedding” venues in Los Altos, there are places that work well as a wedding venue. However, the history Museum of Los Altos is a beautiful place to host your dream wedding.      

Los Altos is very strict about its zoning rules, so finding a wedding venue can be difficult. While you’re limited in what you can choose, the Los Altos history museum is a beautiful place for a wedding venue. This building is full of Los Alto’s history, from a simple rural community to when it became a part of the tech community. 

 This is what is included with your Rental of the history museum of Los Altos: 

  • Reception site
  • Ceremony site 
  • Chairs
  • Lighting (essential for outdoor weddings) 
  • Parking


The wedding space offers an uncovered area outdoors, and the lights that they include are beautiful and suit the venue’s atmosphere. The overhead hanging lights are beautiful and are similar to fairy lights but have a little more of an impact. 

For more lighting, big letter light rentals in Los Altos are popular and in demand for many weddings. Have those dreamy Mr & Mrs signs in big glowing letters and make the night more glamorous and romantic.  Big letter lights work for enhancing the atmosphere while giving light and personalizations to the event. 


Other than the beautiful foliage surrounding the venue, there is no other decor. It would be in your best interest to hire a top-rated event rental company like Events 365, who services all over California and The Los Altos area.  

There are other ideas such as Balloon decor, like balloon garlands and centerpieces. Balloon decor adds your wedding colors to the venue. The building is hardwood dark brown, which can add a rustic feel if you enjoy that aesthetic. 

Catering options for your Los Altos wedding venue

 while it is unfortunate that there are no kitchens on site (it is a museum after all).  This is an opportunity to explore your food options. While much on-site catering usually has some different cuisine options, you get many more cuisine choices when you can use an outside vendor. 

Benefits of using this location

Los Altos is a beautiful location and the city is rigorous on its rules and regulations, making it a great place to get married. The brickworks and greenery make you feel like being away from the city in an isolated garden. 

They welcome outside vendors. Some wedding venues are very picky about what they allow, but the Museum welcomes outside vendors to decorate and serve your wedding. 

Even if you aren’t from the cost of this venue, the price is hard to beat.  They don’t offer off-season discounts, which is fine because their base price is $500. They also don’t make you pay for a ceremony. A lot of venues will make you pay for a ceremony charge. 

This location is affordable and beautiful as long as you are willing to hire a top-rated wedding decor company to decorate the venue and add that personal touch to your wedding. Adding some decor like big letter lights or marquee lettering creates a romantic and personalized atmosphere.   

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