The latest Wedding Trends in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Wedding Trends!

Los Angeles is the style icon of America! They are always setting the trends with all the famous Hollywood parties; how could we not follow suit. 

The List

Exclusive parties are always popular, and we see that trickling down into the wedding industry as well. There is a rise in small weddings or Mirco weddings as well as minimonies. Cutting down your guest list makes sure you have time to spend with each guest making it a much more personal affair. While it can save you money, having a micro wedding might not. The Micro wedding focuses on enhances the experience of each guest.    

The Los Angeles wedding decor rentals 

We’ve all seen those influencers taking photos with backdrops. It makes sense that on our special day, we would want the same. Los Angeles flower wall backdrops are a popular choice in backdrops for weddings.  Flower wall rentals in L.A allow your guests to be their own celebrities and influencers and take those amazing shots. 

Wedding decor in Los Angeles

Other wedding decor in L.A

Balloons are at every celebrity party. Balloons scream celebrate. Having balloon backdrops are also a good suggestion. Balloons are affordable and fun.  Balloon decor can come in different sizes and shapes to fit the venue. Balloon decorations such as balloon arches and garlands are always a hit at the wedding and help you seamlessly add your wedding colors to the venue. 

Wedding color trends in Los Angeles 

Bold wedding colors are in right now. Typical weddings used to be in neutral colors, and while that is playing it safe, bold colors are a lot more fun and stand out a lot more.  Your wedding is an exciting day, and bold colors give it the chance to stand out and create a feeling of excitement. Don’t be afraid to pick bold colors that aren’t neutral. 

When it comes to your wedding dress, white is a classic but the rise of colored wedding dresses.  Standing out among other brides has always been what the dresses’ design was meant to do, but adding color is a bold choice that often pays off. The colored wedding dress is a trend on the rise, and we don’t see it ever going back to just white.

Textures and patterns that are popular in Los Angeles

It’s visually pleasing to mix different textures and patterns. Don’t go overboard but having a pattern as a table runner with a pattern draws attention to it rather than just some floral centerpieces. Too many designs are hard on the eye but having one consistent one is a nice touch. 

With textures, the more you add, the more depth you give to the look. Depth is visually pleasing as it doesn’t make everything look flat. Think about mixing textures on tables from table clothes to table runners and napkins. 

With all of Californias natural warmth, it’s no wonder that nature plays a big part in a lot of weddings. It’s widespread for flowers to be a large part of wedding decor in Los Angeles. Having wedding sin gardens and other outdoor venues where you can see the natural beauty of California Los Angeles wedding decor make for some of the best weddings.

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