Throw a party in Los Altos

How do you throw a party in Los Altos?

As one of the most opulent towns in America, a party in Los Altos is a little more than just cake with friends.   Los Altos strived to be a rural town and now has excessive city growth and while it still maintains that ideal of trying to be a small town.  However, with so many successes such as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, it’s easy to see how the price of the area drastically increased.   

It does depend on the type of party you are throwing. A child’s party in Los Altos is very different from a bachelorette or an adult’s birthday.  

Space/the venue

There are a couple of ways depending on how many people you invite. Hosting at your own house can be fun if you have space. You don’t want it to feel cramped but if you can have the party in your own house it’s probably a lot nicer than an event venue. 

Los Altos Party Decorations

California is known as a style icon. Most of the world’s celebrities live there and while Los Altos is a small town it’s still very stylish. 

Flower walls rentals in Los Altos are incredibly popular. Flower wall rentals are available all year and give that influencer feel to any event. Having a backdrop rental for every party makes it a lot of fun for photos and to look back at it. If it’s a kid’s party, consider a Disney backdrop for your kid’s photos. This creates super fun memories for your kids.     


Marquee letter light rentals are very sophisticated and people love them at parties. The lighting helps set the mood and atmosphere for an event. To help even further to set the atmosphere you’ll have to pick a time of day that works best to create the feel you are going for. The letter light rentals make the events a lot more personalized as you can spell whatever you want with the letters.  A lot of party decor is very generic but not the letter light rentals. 


We can’t ignore the staple decoration for parties which is balloons. Have a professional balloon company in Los Altos like Events 365 help you with your balloon decorations. Balloons are featured at every big event by celebrities and can be styled to match the feel and look of your party. Balloon arches and Balloon garlands and if you really want balloon backdrops which are all commonly used in Instagram influencers pictures and even Mindy Weiss has commented on how good balloons are for party decor. 



Los Altos trying to keep itself as a Rural area there are a number of petting zoos and pony rides and other cute farm animals. These are great for kid’s party entertainment. If you are looking to have a theme for your kid’s party try safari animal statues for a cute safari and animal-themed party. Taking pictures with the statues and your kids is safe and cute. 

We live in the age of Instagram and other social media. Make your party stand out with Los Altos photo booth rental.  Photo booth rentals come with a ton of props so should you want to have a theme to your party events 365 Photos booth rentals can accommodate most party themes. The benefit of our photo booth is that not only do you get unlimited prints during the party you get them for social media share as well.     


What party is complete without drinks! Create a drink station in the theme of your party or just match it to your venue for a classy look. Having your guests pour their own drinks is a great way to keep people satisfied because they get to make their own choices. As a result of a drink station, your guests won’t feel upset when waiting for a drink. 

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