Top 3 Events in Fort Lauderdale That Need a Photo Booth

Top 3 Events in Fort Lauderdale that Need a Photo booth

Photo booths are very popular in Fort Lauderdale.  If you are new to event management or even just want to keep yourself updated on what’s hot and what’s not. Here a few places that NEED a Fort Lauderdale photo booth.


A lot of people are on the fence about a For Lauderdale photo booth at their wedding.  But something people don’t think about is that they come in so many different colors you can use to complement the wedding décor. Not only that, they are actually cheaper then trying to get everyone wedding favors they won’t use. Let the Photo booth photos double as your wedding favors and save a ton of money. Of course, the endless entertainment, they are loads of fun and so inclusive.

A Photo booth a Corporate event in Fort Lauderdale

From product launches to trade shows and employee engagement events. A photo booth is going to be your best friend. Not only do you not have to do any setup or clean up. You get all the rewards. This is such a strong marketing tool you will see the return on investment immediately. Using a template, each photo taken by the guests can double as a business card they will want to keep. For product launches, you can have your guests pose with the product. At trade shows, they are great icebreakers and encourage guests to come to your booth rather than wander around aimlessly.  Don’t believe us? Try it once, and you’ll never go back.

Prom and other school dances

A photo booth at a Fort Lauderdale prom is essential. Capture the night’s memories with a photo booth. Our photo booths have so many props and backdrop colors it compliments any theme and will engage the guests. You Know how awkward teenagers can get. Use the photo booth as a way to break the ice to get people comfortable and dancing.  It’s a great alternative to dancing for those guests who are a little shy when it comes to hitting the dance floor.

Unsure if a photo booth rental is a good fit for your event? Give us a call and find out what we can do to make sure your event is the best it can be. 


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