Top Wedding Decor in Phoenix Arizona

How are people In Pheonix decorating their weddings?

Congratulations! You are getting married! It’s an exciting time in your life! Weddings in Phoenix, Arizona, have some of the best wedding decor around. With Phoenix being the biggest city in Arizona, there are a ton of options.


Centerpieces tend to give couples a hard time. Do you have a venue with high ceilings? You’ll want tall centerpieces like balloon centerpieces for the tables. A major concern with tall centerpieces is that they will make it difficult for your guests to converse; however, that’s not the case with Balloon decor in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Event rentals for wedding decor in Pheonix

Special event rentals in Phoenix are rising in popularity. It’s now so much more affordable to rent a flower wall in Phoenix than to build one. Renting event rentals is the easiest way to save money and have a professional-looking wedding decor. 

Flower walls

Flower wall rentals are big in Phoenix as wedding decor. Florals have always been popular at weddings. Renting a flower wall in Phoenix ensures that your specific flower colors are brightly there with no wilting and drying out. 


Drapery is the best way to add elegance to any venue. Use to Drapery lower high ceilings and fills space between the tables and the ceiling, making it a much more beautiful sightline. You don’t want the room to be decorated and then the ceiling to feel bare and empty.

Lighting decor for a Phoenix wedding 


Proper lighting for a wedding is important. It can change the feel and atmosphere of a room. Adding Marquee letter light rentals in your name adds a personalized sense of romance to the venue. Renting marquee letter lights can add glamour with your wedding hashtag or ever a modern vibe, depending on the venue.



Candles are also a trendy option to get mood lighting, but many venues don’t allow open flame for the obvious reason for fire safety. Ensure if you plan to have candles at your wedding, check with your venue to see if they are allowed and what substitutions can be made if they aren’t.

Escort card display 

This is a functional item in wedding decor is the escort card. Having escort cards to show your guests to their seats. Seating plans work well to ensure that the tables aren’t crowded and that people are sitting with people they enjoy.  Escort cards can be big beautiful displays where guests can see their names or even take them as gifts.  

Wedding favor displays as decor 

These are so cute and helpful! Having a display of wedding favors. This is great because at the end of the reception if anyone doesn’t want to take their home, you can give them to other guests who do want them.       

Wedding decor is completely up to you; these are just some of the more popular trends and what other people typically have at their wedding. These wedding decor items are popular in Phoenix and make them feel more like you with a personal spin on them. 



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