Top Wedding Trends in Seattle for a Perfect Wedding.

If you are getting married in Seattle, here’s are some of the top wedding trends. 

Everyone wants to have a wedding that is in style and trendy but won’t look dated when you look back on it. Seattle is known as one of the chicest and unique cities in the world. From the beautiful mountains and Forest to quirky indoor venues and amazing water features, Seattle has a wedding for you.

So what are the top trends in Seattle weddings?

Bold Colors 

Pastels are a classic and will always have a special place in the wedding industry. However, right now, it’s time to stand out with bold color choices. It’s exciting that Bold colors are in right now because not all of us look amazing in pastels and neutral colors. Bold color gives us so much more in terms of color pallets and creative opportunities.

Not just in the Décor but in the florals as well. Tons of beautiful tropical flowers are bold and make great statement pieces. Compliments your Seattle wedding with a flower wall rental. Our Seattle flower wall rentals come in different colors to compliment your wedding beautifully. Having one of our seattle flower wall rentals ensures that you will have a great backdrop for your wedding photos. 


Non-Traditional wedding dress

Along with bold color choices, there are bold dress choices. No longer are the days where we are stuck with white and off-white colors. These days having a colored wedding dress is one of the best and easiest ways to include your wedding colors into the ceremony. Many brides are saving money by purchasing fun prom dresses instead of “wedding” dresses and getting them altered

Light up letter rentals and other customs messaging 

Having Large letter light rentals in Seattle is the latest trend! It adds extra light and personalization. Custom signage is all the rage, and having it stand out with lights gives it that extra personal touch. Big letter lights add a touch of the modern to a rustic venue. Custom messaging for your guests makes the wedding feel generic and more about the personal connections. Marquee letter rentals have become of the most popular wedding trends because of how easy they are to personalize. 


Wedding Food Trends in Seattle 

Personalized wedding menus to help create that personal connection with your guests. While the typical steak dinners are nice, its nice to include things for your guests. If you have a lot of vegan guests having more than one vegan option, which is a sad salad. Going out of your way to make the menu much more inclusive means a lot to your guests  

Non-traditional deserts.

While wedding cakes are still around, there are a ton of different options these days. Not everyone loves cake but having cute donut walls and cupcakes that are inexpensive and give your guests a lot of options. Who can forget the latest trend of candy tables! Have a mix of your guest’s favorite sugary sweets for everyone. Take this trend a step further and try to choose candy in your wedding colors.






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