What makes a Florida wedding different than other states

Should you have a Florida wedding?

Florida has a ton of fun wedding traditions. Florida is considered one of the most southern states in the US but is not considered part of the deep south. This is because Florida is unique in its traditions and rules, especially regarding weddings.

Wedding officiants

Florida is one of 3 states that allows you to be married by a public notary. You still need to get the official documents, but a Public Notary can be the one to sign the documents.

Just like most other places, state judges (retired or not) can still perform marriage ceremonies along with Clerks of the circuit court and regularly ordained misters of the Gospel, elders, or other ordained members in good standing with their church.

Also, designated members of the society of friends or Quakers are allowed to perform marriage ceremonies.

Premarital education course

While a lot of places do have a holding time to get your marriage license, Florida offers it the same day If you and your soon to be spouse can complete their four-hour premarital education course. Almost any social worker, marriage/family therapist can provide the training as long as they are registered with their county clerk.

Florida Beach wedding

Florida is known for its white sandy beach and beautiful weather. During the ceremony, it’s a Florida tradition that you have a sand ceremony. A sand ceremony is where a bride and groom have different colors of sand and pour them together into a decorative vase. It symbolizes their mixing their lives together. When having a beach wedding use a flower wall rental to help give you some privacy. flower wall rentals in Florida are a popular trend. 

The perfect weather

To have the perfect weather for your wedding day, you should follow this superstition. Take an unopened bottle of your favorite Bourbon and bury it upside down as close to your wedding ceremony site as you can. The closer to “THE” spot the better. Make sure it is upside down. Do this one month before the wedding and then the morning of the wedding dig it up and enjoy it. Make sure the bottle is upside down and sealed and you should be good to go.

The weather is so perfect in Florida that outdoor beach weddings are one of the most co2mmon types of weddings. When it comes to outdoor weddings you will still want wedding décor such as Florida wedding arch rentals. Use a special event rental company in Florida like Events 365 who services Boca Raton, Clearwater, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Panama City, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Tallahassee, and West Palm beach

Florida Wedding Cakes

Groom cakes are a great way to get your groom involved in the wedding planning and it’s something he will enjoy (who doesn’t love tasting cake?). This southern tradition started in Victorian England. It’s called cake pulling or ribbon pulling. Basically symbolic charms attached to ribbons are baked into the bottom layer of the cake. During the reception, the bridesmaids and single ladies have the opportunity to pull a ribbon. The Charm they find at the end of the ribbon predicts their future.

  •         The hot air balloon means a lot of travel
  •         Four-leaf clover or horseshoe means good luck
  •         The heart signifies love
  •         A Fleur-de-lis signifies prosperity
  •         A ring is the next to be married
  •         Butterfly is beauty
  •         Wishbone is success
  •         Stork is a baby

Each set is different and has different meanings. They can be themed to match the wedding should you want. Over the years the list has grown so we have only listed just a few of the more popular ones.

Something old, something new, borrowed and blue

Your something borrowed is supposed to be from someone already married. This hopes that the success of their marriage rubs off on you. Typically from someone who’s been happily married for a while so you know that they are happy and in a lasting marriage.  in Today’s traditions, something borrowed isn’t always from someone married. Often people use Florida event rental decor like a flower wall to count as something borrowed. renting event decor like a flower wall in Florida is easy. The cost of flower wall rentals in Florida will also surprise you because of how affordable they are.  

These are just some ways that weddings in Florida are different, because of how many people choose Florida as a destination wedding there are a ton of other wedding traditions to be observed.

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