Why should You Hire a Fort Lauderdale Photo Booth?


Are you thinking about hiring a photo booth in Fort Lauderdale?  A photo booth might just be what you need to take your next event from a good event to an amazing and memorable event. So why should you make this investment?



First and foremost, a photo booth is an entertainment. Our Photo booths come with a wide variety of props your guests will never run out of things to try.  We can even theme our photo booth props to match whatever theme your event will be. Its hours of fun that isn’t dancing and is far less expensive than traditional entertainment forms at events like DJs.


A Fort Lauderdale Photo booth is décor

No one likes decorating for any event. It takes a while, and it can get complicated. A photo booth counts as a décor that you don’t actually have to decorate. Since the backdrops come in so many different colors, they can easily match the vibe of the room and party.


Set up and clean up of a Fort Lauderdale photo booth

The worst part about any event is the clean-up only second by the setup. The setup at least has the excitement of the event. The clean-up is much less exciting. When you rent one of our Photo booth rentals we set up the photo booth for you. We also clean up the photo booth which means there is no work for you at all when it comes to the photo booth. Just point us where you want us and we are good to go.


An attendant

Our photo booth rentals come with someone to work the booth. That means theres no mistakes or room for error. We’ve got our professional photo booth attendant ready to help you with all your photo booth needs and take the photos for you. This means no one has to be left out of the group photos.


The cost of a Fort Lauderdale Photo booth

Cost is a big factor when it comes to events and what you can and can’t have. Our Fort Lauderdale photo booth starts at 499, but it is all-inclusive, so there are no hidden fees. Its also a lot cheaper than buying decent party favors. The photo booth photos can double as party favors, so you actually end up saving money.

So are you ready to book your Fort Lauderdale photo booth? Contact us to find out if we are right for your next event.


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